School Improvement Plan (SIIP)


End of Year SMARTR Outcome: CLOSE THE GAP

By the end of the year, all departments will increase one level or maintain if they are a 4-5 in the areas of analyzing post-assessment data and determining and implementing enrichment and interventions.

Strategy 1: Staff reads So What do They Really Know by Cris Tovani

Strategy 2: Professional Development offered internally and by region coach.

Strategy 3: Incorporating strategies into the collaborative team cycle to plan and utilize data together.

Strategy 4: Data dialogues with administrators quarterly to discuss what do students really know and how do we as educators know?

Strategy 5: "Mentor Monday" to foster relationships with our students.


End of Year SMARTR Outcome: RAISE THE BAR

In the 2017-2018 school year all students will show growth by 1 level or maintain a 3 in all 5 categories of a Portrait of a Graduate Communicator.

Strategy 1: Professional Development on enrichment lessons, student led conferences, Simplifying Response to Intervention, PBLs, Leaders of their Own Learning, Making Thinking Visible, Disrupting Thinking, Write Like This

Strategy 2: Literacy team creates monthly videos to introduce reading strategies and ways to communicate understanding.

Strategy 3: Learning seminar lessons created by the counselors that teach students about the Portrait of a Graduate and also include lessons on kindness.

Strategy 4: Use of 21st century lessons/Project-Based Learning professional development offered.

*For additional information regarding this School Improvement Plan, please contact the school principal.