Irving Peer Tutoring

Irving Peer Tutoring provides free academic help for students in all subjects.

Our mission is to provide a welcoming space for students to support each other with their academic work and become better learners.



  • Advisory Time (second half of Period 3)
  • Sign up for tutoring in advance (before the start of 1st Period) using the form posted to the All Students Course on Schoology

                    Peer Tutor Signup


  • Irving Library


  • Trained student tutors who are ready to help

What to expect in a session

  • Students who visit are paired with a peer tutor for the session. Tutors coach the students with their academic work by listening, asking questions, and giving guidance. Peer tutors emphasize student ownership of their learning and help students feel empowered as they improve. Sessions with a tutor can be 20 minites or longer, depending on need. Tutors can help with any subject. 


How Irving Peer Tutoring Supports the Irving Middle School's Mission and Portrait of a Graduate:

Mission and Vision

The mission of Irving Peer Tutoring is to provide a welcoming space for students to support each other with their academic work and become better learners. Our program contributes to the mission and vision of Irving Middle School in a variety of important ways. Where our mission and vision overlap is bolded.

Mission Statement

Irving Middle School prepares students with a strong foundation academically, behaviorally, socially, and emotionally for rigorous learning. We promote lifelong learning for students and staff by providing a variety of learning opportunities and ways to showcase learning. We engage students, staff, and the community in enhancing our strengths and working toward continuous improvement.

Vision Statement

The Irving Middle School community is committed to providing a strong foundation for all students set in the attributes of Fairfax County Public School’s Portrait of a Graduate. Irving Middle School students will be:

  • Literate and Effective Communicators of written and oral language capable of leading their own learning.
  • Able to showcase, through student-led conferences, how they are Goal-Directed and Resilient Individuals who utilize strengths to create and implement plans for areas of improvement.  
  • Creative and Critical Thinkers who utilize technology and Collaborate with others, to solve problems and apply their learning to authentic real world situations.
  • Ethical and Global Citizens considerate of all staff, students, and guests not only at school but in the community; promoting the clear belief that everyone is welcome at Irving Middle School and as a team, we will work together to be positive contributors to our school, community, and beyond both in person and online.”

Portrait of a Graduate Skills

Peer Tutoring Helps to Develop All of these POG Attributes

POG Icons

T = Tutors, S = Students being tutored


  • Employs active listening strategies to advance understanding. (T, S)
  • Speaks in a purposeful manner to inform, influence, motivate, or entertain listeners. (T, S)
  • Uses technological skills and contemporary digital tools to explore and exchange ideas. (T)


  • Respects divergent thinking to engage others in thoughtful discussion. (T)
  • Demonstrates the ability to work interdependently within a group to promote learning, increase productivity, and achieve common goals. (T, S)
  • Seeks and uses feedback from others to adapt ideas and persist in accomplishing difficult tasks. (T, S)

Ethical and Global Citizen

  • Acknowledges and understands diverse perspectives and cultures when considering local, national, and world issues. (T)
  • Contributes to solutions that benefit the broader community. (T)
  • Communicates effectively in multiple languages to make meaningful connections. (T)
  • Demonstrates empathy, compassion, and respect for others. (T)
  • Acts responsibly and ethically to build trust and lead. (T)

Creative and Critical Thinker

  • Engages in problem solving, inquiry, and design of innovative solutions to overcome obstacles to improve outcomes. (T, S)
  • Uses information in novel and creative ways to strengthen comprehension and deepen awareness. (T, S)
  • Evaluates ideas and information sources for validity, relevance, and impact. (T, S)
  • Reasons through and weighs evidence to reach conclusions. (T, S)

Goal-Directed and Resilient Individual

  • Persists to accomplish difficult tasks and to overcome academic and personal barriers to meet goals. (T, S)
  • Uses time and financial resources wisely to set goals, complete tasks, and manage projects. (T, S)
  • Shows strong understanding and belief of self to engage in reflection for individual improvement and advocacy. (T)

Peer Tutoring Class Teacher and Irving Peer Tutoring Director