After School Program

After school times, dates, late bus information, registration procedures, and policies


The After School program at Irving Middle School provides students access to high-quality activities in a safe environment for all students. The Program strives to improve academic performance, foster social, emotional, and physical well-being, all while reducing the potential for risk-taking behaviors.


The After School Program runs 5 days a week unless noted.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

  • After school runs from 2:15-4:45p and is divided into 1-hour blocks of time: “First Block” runs from 2:15-3:25p and “Second Block” runs from 3:25-4:35p

  • Scheduled clubs and activities, teacher support, and Homework Club meet during “First Block”

  • “Second Block” programming is made up of large group sites- Open Gym, quiet study in the Library, and Social Hour in Barker Hall

  • Late buses arrive at 4:45p to pick up students

On Wednesday and Friday

  • After school runs until 3:30 p.m.

  • Only Homework Club or scheduled teacher-support is offered

  • Parents must pick up their students at 3:30p- THERE ARE NO LATE BUSES ON WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY AFTERNOONS!

Late Buses, Walkers, and Parent Pick Up

  • Students riding a late bus will receive notice of their late bus number from FCPS Transportation offices at the beginning of the year. Please record this number and note that it is likely DIFFERENT from their regular bus number

  • Students taking a late bus home will report to the cafeteria at 4:35p and will be dismissed to their bus by the adult supervisor.

  • Walkers may leave the building at any time during after school to return home. However, once students leave the building, they are NOT permitted to return.

  • Parents may pick up students after school at any time. Students expecting to be picked up during after school hours may meet their parent in the parking lot (no checkout required after school).

Registration and Cost

  • Registration for the After School Program is completed by parents as part of the beginning of the year paperwork. Students arriving mid-year will complete the registration with their paperwork during course registration

  • Students do not pre-select activities to attend- all activities, with few exceptions, are available to all students at any time

  • There is NO cost for the After School Program

Please review the attached document for greater details about the following policies:

  • The Students Rights & Responsibilities continues to be in effect during the After School Program
  • Students are expected to arrive by 2:25p to their “First Block” activities, and by 3:35p to their “Second Block” activities
  • Students may not leave campus and return for the late buses or other activities at a later time