After School Clubs & Activities

These are our current club offerings.  Please note that additional clubs will be added and offered throughout the school year.

Art Club

A place for practicing artists to hone their skills and work together on projects to beautify the school and community.

Sponsor:  Ms. Ciancarelli

Meeting Day/Time:  Mondays, first block


After School with a Teacher

Prearranged after school during teacher's office hours. This is highly encouraged for students that need additional help.

Meeting Day/Time:  Pre-arranged with teacher


Basketball Club

Future Steph, Nneka or KD? Let's see your skills! Participation form required, open to 8th grade only, 7th grade TBD.

Sponsors: Mr. Lee

Meeting Day/Time:  Mondays and Thursdays, first block


Book Club

A journey through different themes and series, guided by our wonderful librarians.

Sponsors: Ms. Gawalt and Ms. Monk

Meeting Day/Time:  Mondays, first block


College Partnership Program (CPP)

The College & Career Exploration Program’s mission is to expose students to a variety of knowledge, speakers, opportunities, and activities associated with high school and post-secondary options in order to encourage life-long learning and success. Students can expect to participate in a variety of activities such as guest speakers, virtual visits to the FCPS Academy classrooms, CPP Day, and virtual college campus tours.

Sponsor:  Mr. Buchanan & Mr. Frenck

Meeting Day/Time:  Last Tuesday of each month, first block


Dungeons & Dragons

Have you ever wished you could go on a magical adventure with friends in a world where your choices change the story? Then D&D is the place for you! In this club, you will make characters and solve puzzles with other players. Whether you're new to D&D or a seasoned player, join us for our adventure!

Sponsor:  Ms. Wilson 

Meeting Day/Time:  Thursdays, first block


Enviro Club

Care strongly about the environment? Or want to raise environmental awareness in our school community? This is the club for you. 

Sponsor:  Ms. Miciak

Meeting Day/Time:  Thursdays, first block


Harry Potter Club

Do you consider yourself a Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? Calling all Harry Potter fans...this club is for you! Club activities will include trivia games and other Harry Potter related activities. Come cast spells, play Quidditch, and celebrate your love for the characters! Where will the Sorting Hat put you?

Sponsor:  Mr. Cowgill

Meeting Day/Time:  Thursdays, first block


Hollow Lounge

A place to socialize with friends, play games and listen to music.

Sponsor:  Ms. Knizner

Meeting Day/Time:  Thursdays, first block


Homework Club

An opportunity for students to complete their homework, study or get started early on a project in a quiet space.

Sponsor:  Various sponsors

Meeting Day/Time:  Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, first and second blocks!


Irving Speaks

An opportunity for students to improve their public speaking, prepare for presentations and develop leadership skills.

Sponsor:  Ms. Barisa

Meeting Day/Time:  Tuesdays, second block



Hands-on STEM, with a focus on design, robotics and computer technologies. 

Sponsors:  Mr. Brown and Ms. Marshall

Meeting Day/Time:  1st and 3rd Monday of each month, first block


Marvelous Mondays

A close look into Marvel Cinematic Universe, exploring origin stories, villains and the intricacies of the multiverse.

Sponsor:  Ms. Brambila and Mr. Simpson

Meeting Day/Time:  1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, first block


Megamind Club

In this club we will watch movies, make friends, and play games based on Megamind. This club is great if you're looking for a fun group and fun activities.

Sponsor:  Ms. Patchan

Meeting Day/Time:  Thursdays, first block


Play Sports!

A chance to burn off energy by participating in outdoor games!

Sponsor:  Mr. Cohn

Meeting Day/Time:  Tuesdays, first block


1-2-3 Poetry Club

If you love language

If you've ever been moved by sounds

Try Poetry Club

No pressure to read

No pressure to come perform

No pressure to write

You just need an itch

An urge to swim with syllables

To make words come alive

*This club is open to virtually to students at Frost MS, Irving MS, Lake Braddock MS, Robinson MS, and South County MS. Search for the Group in Schoology (132 Poetry Club).

Sponsor:  Michael Verbicar & Theresa Gregory (Frost MS Instructional Assistants)

Meeting Day/Time:  Virtual, every Tuesday, 3:00 – 4:00 pm


Rock Report (School Newspaper)

The Rock Report is a student-written and published digital newsletter that features a wide variety of stories including; Irving school & community events, Horsemen Heroes, student polls & questionnaires, short stories, Student Spotlights, entertainment reviews and much more! We are a team of committed, creative, enthusiastic authors & reporters; come join our team and spread the R.O.C.K.-Star spirit!

Sponsor:  Ms. Beil

Meeting Day/Time:  In-person meetings the 1st Monday of each month, first block. Virtual meetings the remaining Mondays, first block.


Student Council Association (SCA)

The SCA fosters student leadership and promotes participation within the Irving community. SCA members are responsible for the planning and implementation of school-wide events including spirit weeks, dances, and service projects

Sponsor:  Ms. Sommers and Mr. Esposito

Meeting Day/Time:  Meets twice per month, meeting days TBD


Volleyball Team

Volleyball Team is for experienced players who have already tried out. 

Sponsor:  Stephanie Noriega (West Springfield High School Head Volleyball Coach) & other WSHS coaches/varsity players

Meeting Day/Time:  Tuesdays and Thursdays, both blocks


Whisk Takers!

Do you want to learn your way around the kitchen? Join Ms. Wilson on the first and third Tuesday of the month during both blocks (2:35-4:35pm) to “take some whisks!” Each session we’ll learn how to create new snacks, meals, and treats.

Sponsor:  Ms. Wilson 

Meeting Day/Time:  1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, both blocks


Washington Irving Theatre Society (WITS)

Acting, singing, dancing, playing games, doing Improv, being silly, having fun... This is what WITS is all about! Whether you like to be the center of attention, be part of a group, or cheer from the audience, WITS has a spot for you!

Sponsor:  Mr. King

Meeting Day/Time:  Tuesdays, first block


Yarnworks Knitting Club

Knitters of all skill levels are welcomed!

Sponsor:  Ms. Gawalt

Meeting Day/Time:  Thursdays, first block