After School Clubs & Activities 2023-2024

See Our After School Program in Action!

The After School Program occurs on Mondays, Tuesdays, most Wednesdays and Thursdays when school is in session.

There will be no after school during the week of November 20-24. Additionally, the After School Program does not meet on the following dates during the 2023-2024 school year:

September 12  |  September 13  |  October 11  |  October 31  |  November 8  |  December 13  | January 2  |  January 3  |  January 4  |  January 10  |  January 25  |  February 14 March 13  |  April 17  |  May 8

These are our current club offerings.  Please note that additional clubs will be added and offered throughout the school year.

Appian Strategic Game Club

A club for those who enjoy strategy board games. 

Sponsor:  Mr. Higginbotham

Meeting Day/Time:  Wednesdays, both blocks


Art Club

A place for practicing artists to hone their skills, develop their techniques and portfolios, collaborate with other artists like themselves, create bonds with the community through the arts, and learn how to work together through group projects that will beautify the school and community.

Sponsor:  Ms. Ciancarelli

Meeting Day/Time:  Mondays, first block (NOTE: Art Club will NOT meet during the month of November)


After School with a Teacher

Prearranged after school during teacher's office hours. This is highly encouraged for students that need additional help.

Meeting Day/Time:  Pre-arranged with teacher


Back to Basics Leadership

A 6-week course designed to improve student's confidence in public speaking, social graces and etiquette.

Sponsor:  Ms. Block

Meeting Day/Time:  Wednesdays, both blocks


Chess Club

A social, informational, instructional or competitive meeting place where people come together through chess.

Sponsor:  Ms. Healey

Meeting Day/Time:  Tuesdays, first block


College Partnership (CPP)

Preparing young minds for their higher education experience.

Sponsors:  Mr. Frenck and Ms. Pareja

Meeting Day/Time:  Thursdays (monthly), first block


Dungeons and Dragons

Members will go on adventures, fight monsters, discover treasure and explore a mystical world.

Sponsor:  Ms. Wilson

Meeting Day/Time:  Thursdays, first block


FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America)

Offers members the opportunity to expand their leadership potential and develop skills for life--planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision making and interpersonal communication--all necessary within the home and workplace. **This is for FACS students only, 1st and 2nd semester.

Sponsors:  Ms. Spencer and Ms. Wells

Meeting Day/Time:  Wednesdays, monthly, both blocks


Field Games

Do you enjoy being on the pitch? The activity is chosen by the group and ranges between soccer, ultimate frisbee, kickball, and the list goes on.

Sponsor:  Mr. Herron

Meeting Day/Time:  Wednesdays, first block


Gardening Club

A great way for students to learn about gardening and gain hands-on experience growing their own food and beautifying our grounds.

Sponsor:  Ms. Spencer

Meeting Day/Time:  Alternating Thursdays, first block


Harry Potter Club

Do you consider yourself a Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Slytherin? 

Sponsor:  Mr. Higginbotham

Meeting Day/Time:  Thursdays, first block (NOTE: this is postponed until 2/22/24)


Hollow Lounge

A place to socialize with friends, play games and listen to music.

Sponsor:  Various sponsors

Meeting Day/Time:  Monday-Thursday, both blocks


Homework Club

An opportunity for students to complete their homework, study or get started early on a project in a quiet space.

Sponsor:  Various sponsors

Meeting Day/Time:  Monday-Thursday, both blocks


Humanity Club

A safe space to celebrate your own identities and support others.

Sponsor:  Ms. Sakas

Meeting Day/Time:  First Monday of each month, first block, starting October 2


Irving Authors Club

Providing an opportunity for additional assistance with reading, writing and other projects.

Sponsors:  Ms. Sakas

Meeting Day/Time:  Alternating Thursdays, first block, starting September 21



Hands-on STEM, with a focus on design, robotics and computer technologies. 

Sponsors:  Ms. Logan

Meeting Day/Time:  Tuesdays, first block, starting September 26


Minecraft Club

This club will discuss new snapshots, watch livestreams, play Kahoot! and play Minecraft.

Sponsor:  Ms. Sakas

Meeting Day/Time:  Thursdays, first block, starting September 28


Open Gym

Future Steph, Nneka, Tom or Diba? Let's see your skills. Space is limited!

Sponsors:  Various

Meeting Day/Time:  Tuesdays, first block and Thursdays, second block


Readers Unite (Book Club)

A journey through different themes and series, guided by our wonderful librarians.

Sponsor: Ms. Monk and Mr. Brizek

Meeting Day/Time:  Mondays, first block, starting September 18



General membership in the SCA is open to all students, leadership positions are elected.

Sponsor:  Mx. Beil and Ms. Carmenates

Meeting Day/Time:  Shared on Schoology


Sewing Club

Textile artists of all skill levels are welcomed. 

Sponsor:  Ms. Spencer and Ms. Wells

Meeting Day/Time:  Alternating Wednesdays, both blocks


Super Smash Bros Club

Enjoy playing Smash Bros? Join this group of gamers.

Sponsor:  Mr. Brambila

Meeting Day/Time:  Thursdays, second block, starting September 21


Soccer Club

See yourself as the next Messi, Rapinoe, Rodman or Ronaldo? This club is open to beginners to AAU. Please wear appropriate athletic attire and shin guards.

Sponsor:  Mx. Beil

Meeting Day/Time:  Mondays, second block, starting September 18



To build leadership qualities in young men, through sports, community and belonging.

Sponsor:  Mr. Dachille and Mr. Toothaker

Meeting Day/Time:  Mondays and Thursdays, first block, starting September 21


Ultimate Frisbee

A non-contact, self-refereed team sport played with a frisbee.

Sponsor:  Ms. Monk

Meeting Day/Time:  Mondays, second block


Volleyball Club

All levels are welcome for assessments, from beginner to AAU. Participants will enhance their skills and work on their goals.

Sponsor:  Mr. Brizek and Coach Noriega

Meeting Day/Time:  Mondays and Wednesdays, both blocks


Whisk Takers!

Do you want to learn your way around the kitchen? Join Ms. Wilson on the first and third Tuesday of the month during both blocks (2:35-4:35pm) to “take some whisks!” Each session we’ll learn how to create new snacks, meals, and treats.

Sponsor:  Ms. Wilson 

Meeting Day/Time:  1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, both blocks, organizational meeting on October 3



A club for our future performers and/or technicians working behind the scenes.

Sponsor:  Mr. King

Meeting Day/Time:  Tuesdays, first block, starting September 19