Clubs & Activities

Homework Club

Use your time wisely and finish your work before going home! Teachers are available to help students with questions and assist students with their studies. Students have access to computers, textbooks, and other resources to assist them with school work and projects. Students MUST show up with work to complete.

Sponsors: Adam Brown (Health & PE) & various subject-level teachers

Date/Location: HW Club meets daily in the library.


Board Games Club

Do you like strategic games? Do you like planning and plotting your next move against your opponent? Try the Chess & Strategic Games Club! You don't have to know how to play- come and learn. Some of the other games we play include Stratego, RISK, and Magic. Bring your own game and teach us something new!

Sponsor: Jacqueline Rhodes (Algebra, Math 8)

Date/Location: Club meets every Monday in room 116.


Book Club

Book Club is a great way to connect with other students passionate about reading. Come meet new friends, read a new book, and enjoy discussions and activities about the book! Table-top blog discussions are a hit this year! The Book Club students are also encouraged to share their own original works!

Sponsor: Diane Gawalt & MaryAnn Monk (Librarians)

Date/Location: Club meets every Monday in the professional library.


Buddy Sports/Special Olympics

Buddy Sports brings together students with and without disabilities to enjoy athletic and social experiences as a team. Kickball (Oct/Nov), Basketball (Jan/Feb) and Track (March/April) seasons will be played. This club will also help our athletes with disabilities prepare for the Special Olympics track meet in the spring! 

Sponsor: Matt Kovalich & Cindy Glass (Multiple Disabilities Teachers)

Date/Location: Every Tuesday (in season) in Gym 8 - Basketball season runs 1/14, 1/21, 2/4, 2/11, and 2/18.  Track season runs 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31, and 4/14.


Citizen Gals Social Club (CGSC)

Citizen Gals Social Club is an elite opportunity for outstanding young women.  CGSC is designed to promote conversations, idea sharing, and action around issues that are important to young women as members of the community and citizens of the world!  We will explore issues, discuss possible solutions, learn how to communicate through differences, and try different ways of sharing our voices, including writing, pod-casts, organizing, community meetings, etc. And of course, have loads of fun! Each member has a unique voice, and we want to help explore different ways to be heard and have meaningful connections with other like-minded (and different!) citizen gals!

Sponsors: Katherine Richter (Science)

Date/Location: Meets every Thursday in Room 120.


College & Career Exploration Club (CPP)

At Washington Irving Middle School, our College & Career Exploration Program’s mission is simple: We strive to expose students to a variety of speakers, opportunities, and activities associated with high school and post-secondary options in order to encourage life-long learning and success.

Students attending the College Partnership Program can expect to participate in a variety of activities. Here are some of our favorite: guest speakers, visits to the FCPS Academy classrooms, CPP Day, and a college campus tour.

Sponsor: Dave Frenck & Melanie Rhoden (School Counselors)

Date/Location: Club meets one Tuesday a month in Barker Hall (9/24, 10/29, 11/19, 1/21, 2/25, 3/31, 5/26)

Cooking Club

Do you like to cook?  Do you want to learn new recipes?  Are you interested in participating in cooking competitions?  Then cooking club is for you! Head over to the FACS room and learn to whip up some new dishes!  

Sponsor:  Roz Wilson (FACS)

Date/Location: Meets every other Thursday for both blocks in room 110 - begins January 23rd!


Henna Club

The Henna Club is a multi-cultural club that uses henna paste to apply temporary tattoos to students' arms and hands in traditional Indian patterns. STUDENTS MUST HAVE A COMPLETED PARENT PERMISSION FORM in order to attend. Students can pick up a permission from from Ms. Geary at lunch!

Sponsor: Mrs. Samina (Instructional Assistant)

Date/Location: Every Monday in Room 139.


Hip Hop Dance Club

For dancers of all levels! Come learn dance moves and teach others what you know! We will practice for a competition in the spring!

Sponsor: Manuel Montelongo (Special Education teacher)

Date/Location:  This club meets every other Monday in Gym 7.


Irving Makerspace Club (Formerly Tech Club)

The Irving Makerspace Club is designed to provide students various opportunities to explore the world of technology through a very ʺhands onʺ learning environment. The club’s STEM infused design challenges are structured in a way which persuades students to think creatively and try out many solutions to the design problems. Members are able to communicate their creative thinking process through different computer software which is accessible in the Technology lab. The computer software which is covered during club meetings is listed below: -Sketchup (CAD) -Inkscape -Autodesk Inventor -Blender -Makerware -Lego Robotics NXT -Robot C

Sponsor: Peter Brown & Jenna Marshall (Technology)

Date/Location: Every other Tuesday in room 165.


Irving Peer Tutoring

Irving Peer Tutoring gives students the opportunity to get help with school assignments by working with a peer tutor. The club also provides a way for students to become trained peer tutors who also participate in the club’s planning and operation.

Students who are interested in being tutored should report to Irving Peer Tutoring in the library after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to check in. Each student is then paired with a peer tutor who helps the student with assignments by asking questions, listening, and providing guidance. A session with a peer tutor typically lasts 15 minutes, but sessions may be longer if needed. Tutors can help students with assignments in any subject.

Sponsor: Dr. Susan Frenck (English) & Laura Przydzial (Science)

Date/Location: Meets after school during First Block on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the library


Knit-A-Hat, Get-A-Hat

Knit-A-Hat, Get-A-Hat is a community service based club. Students learn to knit hats that are then donated to children with cancer. We donate to the organization "Knots for Love". Students who attend this club are encouraged to attend regularly in order to learn the skills required to complete this project. In addition to a great way to socialize and help at the same time, students also get to knit a hat for themselves!

Sponsor: Diane Gawalt (Librarian)

Date/Location: This club will begin on November 12th and run until Spring Break. It will meet every Tuesday in Room 147


Locker Decorating

Students at Irving enjoy celebrating birthdays and special accomplishments by decorating the outsides of their friends' lockers! Locker decorating is allowed for up to three students per locker. Students are responsible for signing up to decorate a locker during their lunch.  Students bring their own supplies to decorate with.

Sponsor: Emily Geary (After School Program Specialist)

Date/Location: 1st Block only


Math League

The Middle School Math League is a math-competition series that happens once a month. Interested students compete in a 30 minute math contest and winners are determined based on performance. Students do have the opportunity to advance to regional levels later in the year.

Sponsors: Hannah Kim (Math 7)

Date/Location: Meets select Tuesdays in room 236 (10/8, 11/12, 12/10, 1/14, 2/11, 3/17)


Multicultural Club

The purpose of the Multicultural Club is explore and promote an increased knowledge and understanding of the various cultures of the world and among the students of Washington Irving Middle School. Students will meet monthly to discuss issues and topics relating to heritage and various cultures.  Club members will also promote events and themes that foster cultural awareness. 

Sponsors:  Traci Jamison (School Social Worker) & Melanie Rhoden (School Counselor)

Date/Location:  Select Tuesdays throughout the year 10/22, 11/12, 12/17, 1/14, 2/18, 3/17, 4/21, 5/19


Painting Club

Join Mr. LoNigro in Irving's painting club and get in touch with your creative side. This club will provide canvas and paint to new and experienced painters alike. Come try something new!

Sponsor: Tyler LoNigro (8th grade science)

Date/Location: Every Thursday in room 124.


Rock Report

The Rock Report is a student-written and edited electronic newspaper that features a wide variety of stories including current events, film and performance reviews, and teacher profiles. Visit the Rock Report at

Sponsor: Elizzabeth Beil (Art)

Date/Location: Meets every Thursday in room 157.


Snack Pack

The Snack Pack Club is a service-based club that meets to pack food for families in our community that are in need of extra food over the weekend. This club uses the food donated by the Red Bag initiative with Food For Neighbors. Our students sort, and pack, food for students at at least 5 neighboring schools in our area, including our own!

Sponsors: Meg Gollinger (Director of Student Services)

Date/Location: Meets every other Tuesday in the cafeteria.


Student Council Association (SCA)

The SCA is a student-elected leadership organization. SCA members meet monthly to discuss school concerns and organize school wide events. As leaders in the school, SCA members take concerns and ideas from the student body, voice them at monthly meetings, and communicate outcomes with the school Administration, Parent Teacher Association, and student body. The SCA is responsible for our school dances and the 8th Grade Dance. The SCA also organizes school spirit weeks such as "Red Ribbon Week" and "March Madness”.

Sponsors: Dave Dachille (Civics) & Emily Geary (After School Specialist)

Date/Location: Meets select Tuesdays in room 117.



T.R.I.B.E.: Trustworthy, Relentless, Intelligent, Benevolent, Enthusiastic.

This guys-only club for focuses on finding the balance between academics, athletics, and character. Students will participate in sports, community services, and academic activities while examining what it means to be a positive influence on others. Invite-only.

Sponsor: Dave Dachille & Matt Toothaker (Civics)

Date/Location: Every Monday in the 8th grade gym.  


Ultimate Frisbee (fall edition)

Maybe you've heard of it, maybe not! But this sport is growing in popularity and is now here for Irving students to try! Join Ms. Rhodes as she teaches you about the sport and the skills, and get ready to have some fun on the field!

Sponsor: Jacqueline Rhodes (Algebra, Math 8)

Date/Location: Meets every Thursday from September 26th to November 21st.  Meet in the 7th grade gym and be ready to head outside!


Video Game Club

The Video Game Club brings together gamers of all kinds! This club is a great place to meet and play games with other students. We have several Xbox 360's available. Students may also play games on their own devices. This club is for everyone who is interested!

Sponsor: Mr. Simpson (Special Education teacher)

Date/Location: Meets every Tuesday in the Auxiliary Gym (inside the 8th grade gym)

Washington Irving Theatre Society (WITS)

Acting, singing, dancing, playing games, doing Improv, being silly, having fun... This is what WITS is all about! Whether you like to be the center of attention, be part of a group, or cheer from the audience, WITS has a spot for you. We will be producing two shows this year: A double bill production, "Superheroes" and "Superhero Issues" will be our Fall Play, and our school musical will be "Mary Poppins, Jr.".

Sponsor: Tim King (Theatre Director)

Date/Location: Meets in the Cafeteria (stage side). Dates vary - please view weekly calendar to determine schedule.

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