Clubs & Activities

Homework Club

Use your time wisely and finish your work before going home!! Teachers are available to help students with questions and assist students with their studies. Students have access to computers, textbooks, and other resources to assist them with school work and projects. Students MUST show up with work to complete.

Sponsors: Adam Brown (Health & PE) & various subject-level teachers

Date/Location: HW Club meets daily in the library unless noted


The Anime Club

Anime club is a student-led club where all types of anime lovers come together and do all things anime! Whether you would like to discuss your favorite shows, sketch your favorite characters, or watch anime together, there is something for everyone. If you love anime, this is the place to be!

Sponsor: Justin Mazza (Health & PE)

Date/Location: Anime Club meets every other Monday in the Auxiliary Gym


Art Club

In Art Club, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including ceramics, print making, painting, drawing and paper crafts. Students will also have the option to work with materials and media introduced in art class and use these to develop personal projects and learn new techniques. Students may choose activities that they are interested in exploring.

Sponsor: Elizzabeth Beil (Art)

Date/Location: Art club meets every Tuesday in room: 157


Basketball Club

The basketball club meets so students may enjoy the benefits of playing organized, intramural basketball after school. This club meets by grade level, with seventh grade meeting one week, eighth grade meeting the next. 

Sponsor: Justin Mazza & Dan Thorpe (Health & Physical Education)

Date/Location: Meets every other Monday by grade level in the 7th grade gym


Book Club

Book Club is a great way to connect with other students passionate about reading. Come meet new friends, read a new book, and enjoy discussions and activities about the book! Table-top blog discussions are a hit this year! The Book Club students are also encouraged to share their own original works!

Sponsor: Amy Toothaker (English)

Date/Location: Club meets every Monday in room 145


Chess & Strategic Games Club

Do you like strategic games? Do you like planning and plotting your next move against your opponent? Try the Chess & Strategic Games Club! You don't have to know how to play- come and learn. Some of the other games we play include Stratego, RISK, and Magic. Bring your own game and teach us something new!

Sponsor: Jacqueline Wagner (Algebra, Math 8)

Date/Location: Club meets every Monday in room 116


College & Career Exploration Club

At Washington Irving Middle School, our College & Career Exploration Program’s mission is simple: We strive to expose students to a variety of speakers, opportunities, and activities associated with high school and post-secondary options in order to encourage life-long learning and success.

Students attending the College Partnership Program can expect to participate in a variety of activities. Here are some of our favorite: guest speakers, visits to the FCPS Academy classrooms, CPP Day, and a college campus tour.

Sponsor: Dave Frenck & Melanie Rhoden (School Counselors)

Date/Location: Club meets one Thursday a month in Barker Hall


Community Service Club

Designed to help students meet their community service hour requirements, this club will sponsor fun and creative projects to benefit our neighborhoods and communities. 

Sponsor: Jacque Watts & Gayle Ogletree (Civics)

Date/Location: Meets one Thursday a month in Art Room 157 


Citizen Gals Social Club (CGSC)

Citizen Gals Social Club is an elite opportunity for outstanding young women.  CGSC is designed to promote conversations, idea sharing, and action around issues that are important to young women as members of the community and citizens of the world!  We will explore issues, discuss possible solutions, learn how to communicate through differences, and try different ways of sharing our voices, including writing, pod-casts, organizing, community meetings, etc. And of course, have loads of fun! Each member has a unique voice, and we want to help explore different ways to be heard and have meaningful connections with other like-minded (and different!) citizen gals!

Sponsors: Katherine Richter (Science)

Date/Location: Meets every Thursday in room 120


Crochet Club

Started by students looking for a quiet space to enjoy after school time, this club is open to anyone who would like to participate!  Our Crochet Club will provide basic instruction on the skill. If you have your own hooks, please bring them. Our supplies are limited!

Sponsors: Kelly Choplin (English) 

Date/Location: Every Monday in room 119


Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

From the organization's website: "Join FCCLA, the only national student organization that encourages your personal growth, prepares you for a career, fosters family and community involvement and helps you become a leader. The organization, with chapters in nearly 7,000 schools across the country also offers opportunities to make new friends; plan and participate in chapter activities; turn your interests and concerns into action; earn recognition and feel good about yourself; and have tons of fun!"

Sponsors: Christie Barnes & Sue Curley (FACS)

Date/Location: Meets every Thursday (and some Mondays) in room 110


Flying Aces

From the organization's website: "Flying Aces is a society of individuals with a common interest that at times borders on a passion. It is our intent to preserve and promote the traditional building and flying of free flight stick and tissue model aircraft. Although competitive at times, the sharing of innovations, assistance and camaraderie is second nature to all that believe in the unique spirit of the [club]."  Due to cost and space restrictions, this club is currently capped at the number of students able to participate. 

Sponsors: Beau Buchanan (School Counselor)

Date/Location: Meets every-other Thursday for BOTH blocks in the Technology Lab 165


Harry Potter Club (HPC)

For the lovers of all things Harry Potter! Come cast spells, play Quidditch, and celebrate your love for the characters! Where will the Sorting Hat put you?

Sponsors: Morgan Miciak (English)

Date/Location: Meets once a month in room 126


The Irving Writing Center

The Writing Center is a place where students can get help with their writing by working with peer tutors. Students arriving to the Writing Center check in with the sponsor, Dr. Frenck, and are paired up with a peer tutor. Tutors coach the students with their wiring by asking questions, listening, and guiding. Peer tutors focus on larger issues of focus, use evidence, and voice. A session with a peer tutor typically lasts 15 minutes and then students work independently on their writing.Tutors at the Writing Center can help a student with any assigned for any class!

Sponsor: Dr. Susan Frenck (English)

Date/Location: This club has not yet determined a schedule for 2017-18


Hip Hop Dance Club

Open to dancers of all levels, this club seeks to unify students through dance. Come ready to learn some steps, work on your own routines, or just enjoy music and dance with like-minded students.

Sponsor: Manuel Montelongo (Multiple Disabilities Teacher)

Date/Location: Meets every Tuesday in the 7th grade gym.



Kaleidoscope is Irving Middle's literary magazine. We produce an annual collection of student art work, poems, stories, essays, and other literary pieces. Students who come to our monthly meetings work on creating their own pieces of artwork or writing, and they also help in putting the final magazine together. It's a very laid-back club!

Sponsor: Kelly Choplin (English)

Date/Location: Meets the one Monday every month in room 119


Knitting Together

Knitting Together is a community service based club. Students learn to knit hats that are then donated to children with cancer. We donate to the organization "Knots for Love". Students who attend this club are encouraged to attend regularly in order to learn the skills required to complete this project.

Sponsor: Diane Gawalt (Librarian)

Date/Location: This club will begin after Thanksgiving break. It will meet every other Tuesday in room 145


Locker Decorating

Students at Irving enjoy celebrating birthdays and special accomplishments by decorating the outsides of their friends' lockers! Locker decorating is allowed for up to three students per locker. Students are responsible for signing up to decorate a locker during their lunch.  Students bring their own supplies to decorate with.

Sponsor: Brooke Samuelson (After School Program Specialist)

Date/Location: 1st Block only


The National Junior Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society is only available to 8th grade students who have successfully completed the application process in the spring of their 7th grade year. Students who attended Irving in their 7th grade year will be notified of their eligibility to apply. Students are required to attend meetings and submit proof of their completed community service hours by the spring of their 8th grade year in order to be inducted.

Sponsors: Kelly Choplin & Jenny Hay (English)

Date/Location: Meets on select Tuesdays in Barker Hall.


The Ping Pong Club (PPC)

The Ping Pong Club is for all player levels and is open to all students. Never played? This club will teach you the basics and give you a chance to try something new! Who knew Ping Pong was THIS MUCH FUN? (Mr. LoNigro, of course!)

Sponsor: Tyler LoNigro (Science)

Date/Location: This club will not begin until later in the 2017-18 school year


The Pokémon Club

The Pokémon Club is a student-created, student-run club! Students will play Pokémon, watch Pokémon, and make friends with other Pokémon enthusiasts! All Pokémon lovers just show up! Feel free to bring your own cards to the club!

Sponsor: Beau Buchanan (School Counselor)

Date/Location: Meets every other Thursday in the Auxiliary Gym


The Random Acts of Kindness Club

Do you have the desire to "throw kindness around like confetti"? Are you hoping to be a bright spot in someone else's day? Do you just want to make the world a little better?  This is the club for all things kind, cheerful, supportive, happy, and celebratory!

Sponsor: Maggie Prusaczyk (Health & PE)

Date/Location: Meets every other Tuesday in art room 157


The Rock Report

The Rock Report is a student-written and edited electronic newspaper that features a wide variety of stories including current events, film and performance reviews, and teacher profiles. Visit the Rock Report at

Sponsor: Tiffany Swanson (Creative Writing & Journalism)

Date/Location: Meets every Tuesday in room 111


Sci-Fi Club

The concept of this club is to expose its’ members to different mediums (movie, TV, literature, graphic novels, video games) of science-fiction. Our sponsor uses his interest in and knowledge of science fiction, as well as his love of superheroes (Marvel & DC), Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter etc …. to expose students to different aspects of the  genre!  He has a huge collection of classic and contemporary, age appropriate DVD movies and TV (classic 60’s Trek & Batman) and welcomes an opportunity to learn more about other areas of sci-fi that students are familiar with- like Dr. Who! We have sci- fi based video games, as well as hundreds of comics and graphic novels to share with enthusiasts!

Sponsor: Ben Simpson (Special Education)

Date/Location: Meets every other Tuesday in the Auxiliary Gym 


Soccer Club

The Soccer Club meets so students may enjoy the benefits of playing soccer as an intramural sport at Irving. All levels are welcomed- this club will play soccer outside, so bring a change of clothes if you need it! The locker rooms will NOT be open!  Due to weather restrictions, this club will end in November when the weather cools down! Eighth grade students may attend one week, then seventh the next.

Sponsor: Dan Thorp (Health & Physical Education)

Date/Location: Check the calendar! This club meets every other week by grade through the first quarter. Report to the 8th grade gym and then be prepared to go outside!


The Student Council Association (SCA)

The SCA is a student-elected leadership organization. SCA members meet monthly to discuss school concerns and organize school wide events. As leaders in the school, SCA members take concerns and ideas from the student body, voice them at monthly meetings, and communicate outcomes with the school Administration, Parent Teacher Association, and student body. The SCA is responsible for our school dances and the 8th Grade Dance. The SCA also organizes school spirit weeks such as "Red Ribbon Week" and "March Madness”.

Sponsors: Emily Geary (US History) & Dave Dachille (Civics)

Date/Location: Meets select Tuesdays in room 117


Technology Edventures

The Technology Edventures Club is designed to provide students various opportunities to explore the world of technology through a very ʺhands onʺ learning environment. The club’s STEM infused design challenges are structured in a way which persuades students to think creatively and try out many solutions to the design problems. Members are able to communicate their creative thinking process through different computer software which is accessible in the Technology lab. The computer software which is covered during club meetings is listed below: -Sketchup (CAD) -Inkscape -Autodesk Inventor -Blender -Makerware -Lego Robotics NXT -Robot C

Sponsor: Peter Brown (Technology)

Date/Location: Every Thursday, room 165


Ultimate Frisbee

Maybe you've heard of it, maybe not! But this sport is growing in popularity and is now here for Irving students to try! Join Ms. Wagner as she teaches you about the sport and the skills, and get ready to have some fun on the field!

Sponsor: Jacqueline Wagner (Math 8, Algebra)

Date/Location: Meets every Tuesday until Thanksgiving. Meet in the 7th grade gym and be ready to head outside!


The Video Game Club

The Video Game Club brings together gamers of all kinds! This club is a great place to meet and play games with other students. We have several Xbox 360's available. Students may also play games on their own devices. This club is for everyone who is interested!

Sponsor: Cathleen Ale (Special Education)

Date/Location: Meets every other Tuesday in the Auxiliary Gym (inside the 8th grade gym)


Washington Irving Theatre Society (WITS)

Acting, singing, dancing, playing games, doing Improv, being silly, having fun... This is what WITS is all about! Whether you like to be the center of attention, be part of a group, or cheer from the audience, WITS has a spot for you. We will be producing two shows this year: A comedy in the fall titled "Bedtime Stories (As Told by Our Dad)(Who Messed Them Up)" and a school musical, to be determined.

Sponsor: Tim King (Theatre Director)

Date/Location: Meets in the Cafeteria (stage side). Dates vary - please view weekly calendar to determine schedule.


Yearbook Club

Do you enjoy capturing every moment with your friends? Would someone say you are a great photographer? Do you like to document all the highlights of your life? The Yearbook Club is looking for you! We photograph, document, and create a long lasting book of memories that you can enjoy for years to come! No experience necessary!

Sponsor: Michelle Ciancarelli (Art)

Date/Location: Meets every other Monday in room 155


Yoga Club

Teacher to student: "Hey, are you going home today after school?" Student to teacher: "Namaste here today and to yoga club" Get it?? :-)

Yoga club is meant to be a relaxing opportunity for our students to improve themselves in a clam, centered environment. Focusing on simple yoga poses, students can stretch out their muscles and focus their minds. Students may bring their own mats if they wish.

Sponsor: Megan Stanley (Science)

Date/Location: Meets in Barker Hall every Monday

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