Parent Liaison

Parent liaisons serve as a link between families and schools

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When families are engaged in their child’s education, the children:

  • Achieve higher grades
  • Attend school regularly
  • Display better social skills
  • Graduate and pursue post-secondary learning

Children from diverse cultural backgrounds tend to do better when parents and professionals collaborate to bridge the gap between the culture at home and the culture at school. The parent liaisons help build that bridge. The parent liaison connects families to the resources and services they need to thrive.


Who are Parent Liaisons?

Parent liaisons are school staff members who work anywhere from 4 hours a week to 40 hours a week. They are knowledgeable about school curricula, child development, family dynamics, district wide programs, services, resources and community resources. All parent liaisons speak English and often speak an additional language. They represent many cultures and ethnicities. Parent liaisons support all families and school staff by helping:

  • Facilitate communication
  • Build relationships
  • Make families feel welcome, trusted and valued
  • Provide FCPS and human service’s resources and information
  • Encourage parent engagement in their children’s education
  • Connect parents to what their children are learning
  • Promote understanding of families’ cultural diversity


What Does a Parent Liaison Do?

A parent liaison may be found in the front office, an office or walking the halls. She or he:

  • Organizes or facilitates parent classes
  • Arranges for interpreters
  • Helps report student progress
  • Explains the school’s methods or practices regarding discipline
  • Leads parent coffees on a variety of topics of interest to families
  • Works collaboratively with school staff including social workers and counselors
  • Builds parents’ capacity for leadership


Families May Contact Parent Liaisons For:

  • Assistance setting up a meeting
  • Attendance at a meeting
  • Help completing forms
  • Help getting an interpreter
  • An opportunity just to talk with someone about concerns

Parent Liasons

Parent liaisons work in the schools and community to help families get the information and assistance they need to support their children and to ensure their academic success. Parent liaisons represent a variety of cultures, languages, and races and will welcome and orient families who are new to the school and community.

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